Women Empower Women

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We are a learning circle, discussion group, and leadership network that connects purpose-driven women together; recognizing that lasting transformative growth happens when we do our own inner work AND come together in community.
We challenge the status quo that all women have a universal experience, and instead celebrate our diversity. 
We welcome all people, of all of identities, abilities and orientations, who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women.

About the Founder

I bring together professional women who struggle with that nasty inner voice of self-doubt; who feel like they’ve done everything right but aren’t getting what they know they deserve, who are lonely on their path, seeking role models, support and connections to other purpose-driven women leaders.
to heal and grow in community – bear witness to one another's experiences, shift old patterns and mindsets, develop supportive practices, and celebrate our full imperfect selves - honoring the wins and the challenges. 
so that we can intentionally lead our lives from a place of empowerment, clarity, and authenticity, embody our feminine power, and be heroines of our own journeys.

What You Get When You Join

In our virtual space you will be able to connect and share with other passionate women leaders as you journey together through the events, posts, and weekly life of our community.

Membership Benefits:
  • Access to our private social network platform which includes:
    • Member to member messaging and instant chat
    • Resources (eg. podcasts, book recommendations, and articles)
    • The ability to interact with others around monthly themes and discussion prompts
    • Monthly themes for reflection and topic discussions
  • Facilitated monthly live calls with spot coaching
  • New moon reflection/intention setting monthly call

I invite you to join with fellow female leaders and sisters in the Women Empower Women community today!